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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Medicare home health services?

To meet the eligibility criteria to qualify for Medicare home health services patient must be:

  • Medicare-eligible

  • Homebound

  • Under the care of a physician

  • Required skilled services that are intermittent and are medically reasonable and necessary to the treatment of a patients illness or injury

What is Homebound?

A patient is considered homebound if he/she experiences:

  • Normal inability to leave home

  • Physical condition and or physical limitations are such that it would be considerable and taxing effort for the patient to leave home unattended

Homebound is not affected by frequent absences from home to receive medical treatment; also patients are allowed brief and infrequent absences from home for non-medical reason.

What are the services provided?

Precise Home Care provides the following services:

  • Skilled Nursing

  • Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • Medical Social Worker

  • Home Health Aide

What are the programs available?

  • Post-Op Cardio / Thoracic Program

  • CHF Program

  • Diabetes Program

  • Fall Prevention Program

When to refer patients to home care?

  • New onset or exacerbation of illness or surgery

  • Patient requires follow up care

  • New or changed medications

  • New or changed treatments

  • New or changed wound dressings

  • Change in patient mobility abilities

  • New or changed diet

  • IV Therapy

  • Foley cath care and maintenance

What are the benefits of home care services?

Home care services compliments the physicians services and together ensures positive patient outcomes by offering:

  • Improved patient/caregiver self care and management skills

  • Professional assessment and instruction

  • Reduction of acute re-hospitalizations

  • Coordination of care transitions

What are the benefits of physician services?

  • Patient/family independence in self care resulting in less physician phone calls

  • Patient reduction in acute re-hospitalization

  • Improved patient outcomes

  • An inter-discipline approach that addresses all the patient’s needs

What are the patients benefits?

  • Patient/families are taught how to manage their illness/injury in the comfort of their home

  • For those patients with Medicare insurance services are covered 100%

  • Reduction in acute re-hospitalizations


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